CREEDamage (2012)

Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies


Cliffs grin by the woods in a blaze, by boiling springs,

Skyforger made the azure’s smooth surface white-hot.

Svarog’s descendants rise smoke by scorching heat –

The Universe’s true Creator knitted his brows!


Poisons filled the rivers as veins,

Trees are cut like hair again,

“Black blood” from Mother’s womb

Is avidly sucked through boreholes!


Ancestors ‘re forgotten, all foreheads ‘re broken,

Let’s bow lower – your “lord” is cruel!!!

Call dirt and rubbish as “money and power”!..

So, Life’s last gulp is finally left!!!


Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies!

Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies!!!


We’ll stain our World with soot and ashes,

We’ll give our children to drink boiling flows.

We’ll mention Ancestors in fiery hashes

And throw ourselves to the arms with red-hot claws!





Oak Groves, Glacial Springs, Breath of Winds

Are Fanes o’Mine… How you could forget?

Makosh’s Tears… run through lead cloud-lids,

Drops fall like Life Seeds to Earth-Mother’s womb.


Soar high in thoughts to the azure lucid dome

To My Temples - where roaming souls’ trace is effaced,

Odes ‘re versified not for “the lamb”, but the Star of Day,

Stellar isinglass stones ‘re scattered in the ardent chasm space.


Zealots of faith leading mankind to its ruin,

Is there in your bible any word about My Shrines???

You forgot in essenian fables about the Nature’s grandeur!!!

Thralls, let’s glorify “lord” in your feeble cries!!!


My Temples… White Towers, Peaks touching the Sky,

Vast Steppes bear the Power of Epochs Gone By,

Tree-Idols… 're inearthed, stand alone sunk to one side,

Own names ‘re almost forgotten, unheard by the Gods…


Fanes o’Mine… ‘re cut, stubbed, torn out, drained

By a flock of sheep trusty in life in eden of christ.

My Faith… ’s broken, trampled, burnt, blamed!

And here just one of hundred is worthy of life!!!


Breathe with the full moon, think by the Universe!

Fall to the rivers with rain, and then – to the seas!

Caress with winds a golden grain field!

Here’s the Principle of Life, here’s Your CREED!!!



The Mown Dawns Lie On the Ground


The mown dawns lie on the ground

Unseen beings dusted our eyes

At Hiems Mistress’ feet we are thrown,

Are we human or undead ones?!


We are dying constantly of insanity,

With an arctic slice - laying water glades.

Waiting plenilunes monthly mutely

Calmly slumbering in cities’ wames.


And then – run in leas, to our Dame

To rush with our might swiftly there:

“We were wasting long our immortality

For the men, being wretch ‘mongst them”.


Dear Mother ’ll fold us in her arms,

Aloft, as the chainless ones, we’ll die away,

But by the morn she‘ll throw us to cold ground:

“My very own, let’s go back now then!”



The Eyes Of Abyss


Having travelled Veles’ path,

Being lost in your years as in lonely forests,

May you doubt the rightness of your chosen Way?

At the Worlds’ crossroad,

Reflecting on who you are...

But your chosen Way can’t be turned.


Feel no fear of life, you own this Land!

Kill, if you must kill, Gods won’t condemn!

Wars last forever, wars will never end.

Fight! Time has come! Fight, if you’re a man!



Through the starlight, ‘midst a gaping chasm,

I’ll never stray from my destined Way.

I was eager to doze in Dark Hiems’ embrace,

But my soul was comforted by the Red Star of Day!


Look inside your mind: it compels planets’ shining.

It isn’t equal to their absence, if you fail to see all details!


‘midmost the Earth, where Life is to be born,

Subterranean rivers spring from melted snow.

Look and see what’s hidden from view of yours -

The Divine Fire Dance in the ardent Universe!



Карпатський Щит


Безупинна чорна лава,ненаситна жовта суть

Пхне бенкет пожеж кривавих, зліше зла татарська лють

Без церковних хитких літер, зріс єдиновірний рух

Напоїв карпатський вітер український вільний дух


Честь славетна, всі до бою

Вільним - воля, не життя

Тільки в мертвих візьмеш зброю

Їм байдуже забуття


Смерч азійської кінноти зупинив карпатський щит,

Врятувавши від гидоти християнський кволий світ


То не грім, не чорний ворон,

Не луна карпатських гір,

То повстала проти долі

Воля вільних аріїв


Честь славетна, всі до бою

Вільним - воля, не життя

Напоїли кров'ю зброю,

В нагороду - забуття...


........не тобі смердюча неміч, не потомственим рабам.............

(ці слова) Неіснуючім Нащадкам Непокірливих Слов'ян !!!