Epoch of Aquarius (2006)

The Raven Croak



Wings to the Skies, where Dawn fire’s ablaze.


By a Raven Croak make a forecast!

By your blind eye show me a Prophecy! (show me!)



Scattered ‘round by the wisdom of aeons.

Winds of the North…

Filled my chest with ice breath.

Serene Dawns by Ancestors’ Stares are beckonin’ me!


Seized by a vortex of visions/ I’m on the Worlds’ cross-road,

Approaching invisible moments/ may be seen in my dreams.

Raven, tell me where’s the path/ through bitterness of those who got lost in battles,

Through birth joy and sorrow,/ the path leading me to the repose?


Wise Man the Blind, oh, tell me,

Let me be in the Secret of birds’ flight.

Are they goin’ round in the Sky Afterglows

To prophesize me good luck or harm?

A circle of black is appeared

In the blazing of crimson nightfall,

Your Signs ‘re seen by the Augur

Into his blind eye.

His shivery hand carves

Runes of the Spinner-Wyrd

For the Dead, the Unborn and the Living….


Raven, tell me about our Faith

That we failed to protect,

Say about the tortured body

A fiery cross burned that…

Raven, say about the Departure

That can be seen half asleep,

Say about an arrow in my heart

While fighting in future battles.

Raven, grant living to the gone ones,

Who did their damnedest,

Please, give them the power

To avenge our Motherland!!!

In Leaves’ Whisper or in Bursts of the Thunder...


Gray-haired fogs covered steppes,

Low black clouds poured by lead,

In bogs fires ominously shine,

Nights are so long, days are so short.

Crones of centenary Oaks

Get dressed red gold,

Branches clutch their shroud,

Tear their shaggy cover.

Farewell bird cries anew

Pass away into the Sky,

Streams of Rains cover

Veiled foxy holes.


STRIBOG’s grandsons

Moan in branches being entangled,

As if they sing me

A lullaby song...


Where fields were - Rivers of blood poured!

Where Groves were – Wood of arrows thrusted!

Where paths were - Ravens sumptuously feasted,

Above countless multitudes of excised men!

My mortal wound will

Fill Mother-Earth

With my blood-red hot water -

Now here I am once and for all!

Swan cry calms down,

The Sun sets into haze,

I’ll not meet night anymore -

I’ll fall asleep in twilight for all the time...


In Leaves’ Whisper or in Bursts of the Thunder,

In groans of Winds or in a stream’s purl

After Nav’ my name ‘ll awaken,

My name ’ll return once and for all!


 Epoch of Aquarius


Prophetic celestial tangles dissemble the World's fortune,

KOLO of SVAROG predicts - the Golden Aeon is to begin!

Millennia of x-tian deceit will fall in stagnant putrefaction,

Kike-god lickspittles 'll expiate twenty centuries with own blood!

PERUN's Thunderstorms 'll wash away fire vestiges of inquisitions,

Scions of STRIBOG will scatter gray ashes all over the world,

Rains 'll wash away blood that 'd been innocently spilled on the Soil

By our Fathers with Mothers for Ancient Belief of OUR GODS!

Flames 'll clear away filth from Relics of profaned Heathen Temples,

Forgotten Gods’ Faces will come to life in rays of Father-DAZHD'BOG,

By Glorious funeral feasts the Forgotten battles’ Echo ‘ll rush past again

Prav' will ascend the World throne and Gold Kolovrat will shine again!


Winds be hailed! Blown be Slavic Truth Flame!

Raise sparks-offering to the Skies, glorify our Gods!

Hail! Boyans, VELES' scions! Louder, Kobzas' strings, play!

Frighten may dead "god" monks be with drumming sounds!

Hey! Risen be Slavonic Kin, it's time to take revenge for Rus'!

Better perish afield fighting than come back being prostrate…




So, look round - blood painted red the Ground,

Gods' downtrodden statues are burning everywhere,

Cupolas are highly crowned by a new alien mascot,

And fat-bottom priests stand being dressed in gold!

Having overthrown PERUN into the Dnieper's torrents,

They christianized people by a rod of iron and flame!

The lord above Knjaz is now verbose on the Veche,

And now downtrodden people are beaten by his knout,

With a crucifix in hands he speaks malicious will,

And his heel trampled Kolovrat-Sun down into mud!..


No!!! It isn't a dream evil, not a vision,

But the history of past centuries,

Bylinas of burnt Volkves.

And now kike-believers as jackals for carrion,

Feeling a smell of freedom, have risen from slaves...


I wait for you...

The Epoch of Sacred vengeance!

I wait for you...

The Epoch of crosses to burn!

I wait for you...

The Epoch of lofty Honour!

I wait for you...

The Epoch of our Sleeping Gods!



Echo of the Forgotten Battles


In spacious steppes winds are calm and ruthless,

They run with blizzards on wood glades.

Frost sparks grievously pierce as stings

In bodies with blood that is still hot.

Light of KHORS being multiplied by snow

Blinds foe eyes, and favour us with heat.

MORENA ‘n’ FROST have held firmly

Cold water ice glass up to the very vernal dreams...


Fire... Burn brightly into the night,

Do you remember cries of charred ruins?

Wind... You throw sparks to my face,

How long you blow ‘bout Banners of splendid Triumphs?


Horse wheeze and prance. Bear-spears search for entrails,

Sweat eats away eyes with salt, blood’s ‘bout to boil...

Shield, ward off the strikes. Let thunderbolts tear the skies,

If only the pole-axe was firm, my right hand won’t get tired!


The sword’s thrown... Fire of war is enkindled,

Sparks ‘re begot with a strong stab to the hauberk.


With Winds afar, With the Flame up,

Victory Message‘s among flights of birds,

Those echoes of far triumphs

Are brought to us with the Wind.

On the Verge of the Worlds (Epilogue)


Time... will wash away traces on sand,

Traces of ones who leave Midgard,

Expecting for Hades in the darkness.

Memory... dashes against gorge walls of

The cold soul having no right to blame me.


Eternity... silently waits behind a threshold:

Leave and forget? Become forgotten and leave!

Power... ‘ll abide for ever and ever with me

On SVAROG’s Meadows,

Where, being confused, I’ll find the Repose.


As a glacier my heart is in my chest,

Take me away, out of this world!

Spill boiling blood on my soul,

It’ll cry with melted snow streams,

Filling with water of life withered veins,

Drink me with impetuous storm.

By Light, Power, Mystery,

That an instant carries away before death

On the coast of the River that flows

On the verge of the Worlds...


Oh, Great SVAROG, I commit my soul to Your hands,

I’m eager to sink in unmown grasses of Yours!

With a bird let my essence fly to the Skies,

Where VELES showed me the way,



By gray-haired fog I’ll lag on bogs of swamps,

Fall with warm rain - abundance on the bosom of fields,

By Light, Power, Mystery,

That an instant carries away before death

On the coast of the River that flows

On the verge of the Worlds...


I’ll rush being a blizzard

Under eaves of remote hamlet huts,

Forcing branches to howl

In naked crones of Oaks...

With a bird let my essence fly to the Skies,

Where VELES showed me the way,



Originally written in Russian by Munruthel. Translated into English by AR