INTERVIEW for Parat magazine (Czech) 2012



  1. There are a lot of things around MUNRUTHEL these days. In addition to the new album "CREEDamage" there have also been several re-releases of your older recordings recently. Yet, until sometimes in the year 2010 I had the feeling that MUNRUTHEL was dead. "Epoch of Aquarius" is sure a good record, but then I could not hear about you anymore. Or you were active in other musical projects, or no musical projects? „The Dark Saga - Original soundtrack“ is a regular album of MUNRUTHEL? I heard, that it is used a basis for the PC game, but I've long paid no attention.

It’s true, all my old albums have been re-released for the moment. This winter there will be a re-release of my second ambient album «Yav’, Nav’ & Prav’» dated 1997. After the release of «Epoch of Aquarius» in 2006, I’ve played in bands “Corvus” and “Thunderkraft” as a drummer, and so had not much time for my own creative work. We gave concerts and recorded albums in a studio. At the same time I was upgrading my home sound recording studio, recording there young bands and producing them. During my free time I was working on the album «CREEDamage». I had so few free time that I’ve been creating this album for 4 long years. It has taken me so much time also because I was doing all myself. Composing music, lyrics, making arrangements for guitars and orchestra, I also played drums myself, sang, recorded, mixed and made mastering. You understand how complicated and long it was. Violins have been written for me distantly in Poland, guest vocals in England, Moscow and Lvov. It was difficult to coordinate all the work.

In winter 2010 I’ve been addressed by the team of the biggest Russian-speaking mode “The Dark Saga” for the videogame “Gothic”. They asked to compose background music for game locations. All this was gratis. For a long time I’ve been wishing to compose music for a film or a theatre play. So, I accepted this proposal. When the work was over, I watched the timing of all compositions and understood that they could be released as an album. First two albums of my project were in sympho-ambient style. So, I find nothing surprising in it. It’s at the same time soundtrack for the game and my official numbered album. My enormous thank for guys from Blazing Prod., who released such a wonderful digipack. And paid the work of one of the most called-for designers Marcelo Vasco.


  1. Your name is linked to a number of Ukrainian bands, you were involved in the recording of several dozens of albums, yetperhaps the biggest magnet for the audience will be NOKTURNAL MORTUM. It's the band, which is not interested in too much publicity, doesn't answer interviews. How would you sum up the period for them, and what were the different views, that resulted in your departure?

I’ve recorded 35 albums with different bands! I was rather surprised by this number when calculated all my works. NOKTURNAL MORTUM is a very interesting period of my life. At that days we were already called ‘kings of Slavic black metal’ and this influenced all my life. I realized I was followed by people, I was an example for them. We were young then, our hearts were enveloped in flames of protest. All our actions provoked reproaches of the society and this amazed us. These were very interesting times. We appeared a lot on stage, travelled to different cities. Now I’m talking about this to people and numerous are very surprised. They say that in my youth I’ve lived so many interesting things that others haven’t through all their life!

The reason of my leaving NOKTURNAL MORTUM was a private situation, having no relation to any musical contradictions. It was a quarrel about business questions. About money.


  1. With NOKTURNAL MORTUM you recorded „NeChrist“, and you appeared in LUCIFUGUM and ASTROFAES. In most of the records which you recorded, were you involved as a composer?

    С NOKTURNAL MORTUM ты записал Нехристь, и также учавствовал в записях LUCIFUGUM и ASTROFAES. Были ли ты задействован в этих записях как композитор?

With NOKTURNAL MORTUM I’ve recorded all the albums exept the last one «Voice Of Steel». I and Knjaz Varggoth are founders of NOKTURNAL MORTUM. Your information is inexact. I’ve composed a lot for first albums. For example, I’ve made completely the track “Barbarian Dreams” from “Lunar Poetry”. Tracks “Goat Horns” and “ Kolyada” are based on my melodies. I’ve also taken an active part in tracks arrangements and studio work. The same may be said about LUCIFUGUM and ASTROFAES. When we worked on the album LUCIFUGUM “on the sortilege of сhristianity”, composer Bal-a-Myth brought only guitar fragments. During a month we (I, Bal-a-Myth and Saturious) met at my place and gathered these pieces in whole tracks. Made arrangements. Then we went to a studio and put one more month to record the album.


  1. In addition to MUNRUTHEL do you in some other band at the moment?

got problems with my health. Because of active playing drums I got problems with joints. So, I’m not playing in any band anymore. That’s why now I’ve got more time for MUNRUTHEL project. At the moment, I’m working on a new album of my world-music project “KOLO”. I’m also rather busy in my sound recording studio. Making mixesmastering through internet for many bands. Evenforeign. Besides, I concerned myself with video filming, in way to sublimate my energies in some other case. Ifilming commercial advertisements, musicvideos. In winter Iplanning to do animportantstep. To make a short film! This will be a story about a malign creature from Slavic myths, which is fed by children screams. The film will be titled “KRIKSA”. You can follow the topic on I will post there when the work on the film will be finished.


  1. LUCIFUGUM or NOKTURNAL MORTUM are perceived as rather controversial bands, which of course you know. Why do you think this is so? Is it because many interpret their opinions and position wrong, they don't understand them, or is it because the bands provoke on purpose?

I can state with 100% certitude that Varggoth isn’t concerned with provoking the society. He thinks the way he lives and he lives the way he thinks. I and he are already serious adult family people. With the arrival of a baby in your family, you start seeing differently the situation.

What concerns the new LUCIFUGUM, I can tell nothing, as for about 10 years I haven’t communicated with this people. I can also say that disagreements between NM and L appeared as far back as 1999. NOKTURNAL MORTUM aimed for a national renaissance, awakening the masses. LUCIFUGUM the contrary. For extermination of humans as species on the Earth. Everything is simple and clear.


  1. Did you meet with similar views in some period of MUNRUTHEL, I mean, if people accused you of putting politics to the music, etc.? What was your reaction? We had a similar question for Khorus of KHORS, in his short answer he said, that between Nazism and nationalism there is such a big difference, that he is actually sorry for people, who don't understand. Do you mind, when some people interpret your views differently, let's say almost radically, no matter what their orientation is?

Yes, I’m often accused of something that doesn’t exist! Very little time ago some European public figures didn’t like the ornament on my sweater. Yes, there was a Swastika. This sweater has been made for me by my wife! The same Swastika has been embroidered on the original towel of my great-grand-mother! I’ve used a photo of this towel in the album design of my project “KOLO”. Who would be really interested, could search these pictures on the internet. This towel is at least 150 years old! Don’t you think that it’s a bit earlier than the Swastika appeared on German flags? That’s why I have been wearing these ornaments of my great-grand-mother, I am wearing them and I will always wear. And I hate those who try to forbid me doing it!

My outlook on life… I don’t HATE any races or nations. The world is really good being different. It’s good that people are so different. But it’s worth to understand that everyone is different! And now, on the contrary, they aim to blend this beautiful palette of paints in a unique clot having color of “a piece of shit”. Someone needs this. I respect peoples and their traditions on the earth but I want that on my Land one titular ethnic group was the master of all. What’s bad in it? Is that nazism? Me, I am the common sense itself! For 12 years now I haven’t been watching TV or reading newspapers. That’s why my brains haven’t been infected by the viruses of democracy. Though, it is not a democracy! It’s a true ethnical anarchy! I’m against the Judaist Christianity and Islam! Here must be only Slavic Vedic religion! So, I shouldn’t be accused in racism, it’s not true! But anyway, I will surely never dance to the tune of Zionist world government!



  1. Since when is MUNRUTHEL purely your one-man project? It means, that all music and lyrics are written by yourself and MUNRUTHEL does not have any concerts?

MUNRUTHEL has always been a one-man project. And I’ve always been making myself all music, lyrics and arrangements. In 1999 there was a band for concerting. Maybe in 2013 I’ll form again a band for concerting. I’m receiving invitations to perform not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

I like working alone. I’m the master of all creative work. I’m progressing as composer, arranger and sound engineer. All this helps me in my work when I’m recording other bands in my studio. Now I’m working on a new album of MUNRUTHEL which will be titled «Earth’s Honey». It will be more complicated, more atmospheric and more aggressive! And I’m alone again.


  1. Into what period of time can the process of creating a new album be summed up? Quite a lot of musicians participated, but if you write the music yourself, and can play many instruments, then the involvement of other musicians, except singers, seems unnecessary.

When I’m recording in the studio, I invite my good friends. They are good musicians. Best from the best in their musical style. I show them their parts and they play all of those. I couldn’t do it myself so well. I know I’m talented but I don’t think I’m genius. They always advise me how to make the fragment better. But the most important is that each of them, while playing, puts in the music his energy and his whole soul. That’s why the final result is so remarkable and full of energy. And that’s why the album "CREEDamage" has been created with the participation of 25 persons including a photographer, a designer and additional sound engineers. These people have helped me to realize difficult technical tasks.

The work lasted 4 long years. I paid little attention to my project. I put a long time to compose everything. The process of recording itself took exactly a year. Now I will spare more time on my creative work. All the more that people like it so much. Once a wise woman told me: “The Gods gave you a big talent. Not giving it to people is a crime against the Gods!” I often think about it and try to share this gift with people through my music.


  1. Before the fans will have the possibility to listen to "CREEDamage", they can get hold of this year's tribute to BATHORY "Voices from Valhalla", at which you have participated with well known Quorthon's song "The Lake." You didn't feel like singing the clean voice, so you asked Wulfstan from FOREFATHER? And why did you chose him?

I could sing myself. But Wulfstan has made it in extremely beautiful English and with strong emotion. Whyhim? I simply always liked the band FOREFATHER. I often listened to their albums, and at that time I even couldn’t think that fate would bring us together in our love to immortal music of BATHORY. The chorus, which sounds as background in the refrain, has been written in Lvov, the basic vocal in England. I think, this is a real internationalism! The track was well-done. Many musical critics treat it as one of the best ones in this tribute. I guess this was our cooperation that has made it so. Wulfstan is a man of his word. He has made his work quickly and well.


  1. What exactly means word „Munruthel“? How did you get this name – was it before your coming to the band?

«Munruthel» is my stage name, invented as far back as 1994. Under this name I played in NOKTURNAL MORTUM and decided to take it as the title of my own project. Before it my project was named Silentium and under this title the first album has been released. It was in 1995. In 1997 I’ve firmly defined the ideology of my project. Latin name couldn’t exist anymore, as Latin has always been the language of Catholics and inquisitions. I’ve decided to change the title and called the project by my stage name. The word «Munruthel» itself means absolutely nothing. Here’s a hidden sense in the group of letters Mun as Moon. That’s all. The Moon is my zodiac sign. My audio recording studio is called “MoonHome studio”, my chill-out project is named RedMun. Twice in my albums there’s the track Mother-Moon. I guess this is quite enough to understand the sense of my naming.


  1. You´ve mentioned lot of bands, with which you cooperated. Was it all bands from Ukraine or from ex-SSSR? If you don´t play live with MUNRUTHEL, when you played at a last time out of Ukraine?

I was working with bands from Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Polish band Piorun. Also I helped in the studio for polish Wojnar.

My last concert outside Ukraine was in spring 2012 in Russia. With the melodic metal band «Corvus». Though it was nothing but work.


  1. Is album „CREEDamate“ a bit a conceptual? I like the last 3 songs and it comes to me, that it´s some connection between them…

Initially I didn’t intend anything conceptual. But when the tracks lined up in their order I saw some conceptual sense. With pleasure I will shortly tell about each track. Intro «Ardent Dance of War’s God» is an illustrated story, in which cities in fire pray for help. The track «Rolls of Thunder From Fiery Skys» continues the fire subject matter. Lyrics tell about an incredibly hot summer, changing climate, consuming approach to the Mother-Earth. Themostimportantnowismoney. Butitslies! The most important is to change as soon as possible our treatment of ecology. And burning skies are just warning for us from the Gods. «CREEDamage» continues the ecology subject but in the light of Christianity. Destroying authentic Temples of Nature! In the bible there’s no word that would teach to love the Nature and to protect it. That’s why the entire world does so. The bible tells a cheap myth about a crucified half-human, making him the most important figure of your life. And makes us forget what really gives us air, food, life. Lyrics for «The Moun Dawns Lie On The Ground» hasn’t been composed by me. I’ve found this verse in a forum dedicated to pagan poetry. The author was a young girl from Karelia. She agreed. These are lyrics about mystical agamic creatures from dreams. At the same time, these creatures are dreams. A particular charm of this track is due to fantastically powerful folk vocal of Masha Arkhipova from the band “Arkona”. «The Age of Heroes» begins with a fragment of the film «Primordial Rus’». In this fragment a father teaches his son to love the Earth, tells where the souls of his ancestors live, teaches him to be strong and to know how to protect his Land. In the middle of the track I used a fragment of the film «Beowulf» which tells that Christianity had destroyed true heroes and had left to people only fear and shame. I intended to support all this musically. «The Eyes of Abyss» is a philosophical text about the meaning of Life. About when you have chosen once your way, you should follow it. You shouldn’t fear of anything and always act as the heart says. And you shouldn’t believe only what you see. There are many things that we can’t see but we know they exist. «Carpathians’ Shield » is the text written on my demand by I.Z.V.E.R.G., the vocalist of the band «DubBuk». It tells about the heroic time when the inhabitants of several Carpathian pagan settlements, at the price of their own lives, had stopped in a canyon a whole army of the Golden Horde. This event has been described in Ukrainian and Polish sources about the Tartars break through Carpathian Mountains in 1241. These heroes then had stopped the passage of Tatars to the Europe. And saved catholic Europe from devastation. Though, hadn’t received any gratitude. But oblivion. And finally the closing trilogy «Krada». «Krada» is an Old Slavic funeral fire. The first part “Blood” tells about the battle itself, about heroism and bravery of the warriors, about the shed blood. The second part “Surya”, it’s a symbolic victim. The blood shed into the Land. And Surya as heady honey drink of Gods that the survived warriors were drinking during the funeral feast Trisna for the souls of the fallen. And the last part “Fire”, as the last bridge to Iriy (Slavic Valhalla). The process of resurrection of the pure soul. The soul gone in a battle. The album ends by sounds of burning down funeral fire, cries of a widow and far sounds of Carpathian trembitas, announcing that the Soul of the Warrior has resurrected to Iriy. Now it’s up to you to decide. Is this conceptual?


  1. Which words or the mes can connected all your creation?

It happened that the leading compositions of all my creative work are «Brilliance of The Thundering Swords» and « Epoch Of Aquarius». I don’t know which track form the new album will be singled out by listeners. The time will show. Words reflecting all my creative work are again more difficult to find. All texts are reflection of myself in the surface of the World. It’s difficult for me to express this in some definite words. Maybe however by a line from the title metal song of the new album «Call dirt and rubbish, as “money and power”. So, life’s last gulp is finally left!!!».


  1. Thanks for your time by this interview and at the end tell us, please about your music plans to the future..What will you do after promotion of your CD „CREEDamage“?

I always have things to do. Ineversitpassively. Idontplaycomputergames, Idontwatchseries. I seldom watch the best of films. I have time to listen to music only while moving around the city. As I’ve already written, I’m working on new albums of “MUNRUTHEL” and “KOLO”. I also must sing for a new album of “Thunderkraft” (it’s my last job as drummer). Making a feature film. I will be scenarist, director, producer, cameraman, composer and editor of this film. I think it will take me very much forces and time. But I’m sure it will be worth the efforts. And my respectable fans will be happy to find me in a new role and will watch my film. And will be indulgent to me, even if it delays creation of a new album. As well, I will soon complete mixing in my sound recording studio a wonderful album of “Triglav” project. I’ve played drums there and taken part in music recording\arrangement in my studio. Remember this title! Believe me, it will be a very interesting material with my drums and showing the work of my studio and me as a sound engineer!


I would like to wish the readers to watch more often the World with childish eyes. This is the look the most correct and pure of prejudices!