Interview for Rock Hard Metal Age (Slovakia) 2013

1) Your new album “CREEDamage” is your first album that was recorded both in English and Russian. Why did you chose to make the English version?

The idea of creating the album in two variants appeared in 2006, when I finished my work with the album « Epoch Of Aquarius». this album had already to be in English version as well. But the translation was a little bit late, so that was why it was made a decision to make the Russian version only. The translations of all songs had been done, but too late. Today these wonderful literary translations written by talented poet and translator Sergey “AR” Pavlov are in the republished variant “Epoch of Aquarius”. It has been made so that my English speaking fans could enjoy the Odin’s honey of poetry.

2) Tell us something about your new album. What was the main inspiration for the songs and why did you chose title “CREEDamage”?

The main inspiration for me was, is and will be the Nature. All my free time I try to be there. In the Russian variant of the title there is a casuistry. At the same time it includes both “perfidity” and “destroy of faith”. Nowadays few people think about the real meaning of this ancient word. Without any consideration it is used in the meaning of “perfidity” only. In my album I tried to revive the forgotten authentic meaning that most probably appeared in the times when alien christianity was spread with fire and sword among our ancestors.

3) What was the album reception both by the critics and the fans?

Abroad the album was met very-very well. Truly speaking, even better than I’ve expected. I was interviewed by the largest world printed and internet publishing companies. I was highly appraised by musical critics all over the world. Here are some of them: 4/5 Terrorizer (UK), 90/100 Aardschok (NL), 4.5/6 Zero Tolerance (UK), #2/45 Parat Magazine (CZ), 9.5/10 Queens of Steel (ES), 9.5/10 Nocturne (RS), 9/10 Xtreem Music (ES), 91/100 AOTM MetalReviews (US).

It’s much more complicated with fans. A great quantity of people, unfortunately, can’t sleep calmly, when another one is OK. Ha-ha. Then they lose their appetite and in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening write some kind of crap in the Internet. Without any doubt I’m glad that the majority took my album well. I received a HUGE number of enthusiastic letters in social networks.

4) You have some interesting guest singers on this album; tell us something about them and how it was working with them?

Many people were involved in the record of the album. I know Masha and Master Alafern personally, we are old friends. They agreed to help me straight away. Sure, I prepared parts for them, but professionalism of these musicians is so high that they performed them a bit their own way, certainly even better than I had imagined. The album would not be so powerful and beautiful, if it were not for the energy that was input in my music by all the participants of the record. Enormous respect and gratitude to them! I found Wulfstan via social network. This is the case when network did not take away precious time but, vice versa, accelerated the process of communication and work. His wonderful voice was marked by many musical critics. He really breathed in life in this great musical Saga about the lake.

5) Since you made Bathory cover, we know you like Bathory. What other bands do you like and which ones was inspiration for your music?

Yeah, I grew up in and was brought up by BATHORY music. Exactly this kind of music led me in the world of Gods and Truth. I’ve always dreamed about making the cover for this song since I heard it for the first time. What other groups? I’ve listened always to quite different kind of music. All these music influenced on me in a different way, as a composer, I mean. These were Jean-Michel Jarre, Enigma, Dead Can Dance, Slayer, Anathema, Manowar. I’ve always listened to a great amount of music and it’s no sense to name all of it. But still, my basic inspiration was Nature. Woods, fields, lakes, mountains…

6) It has been more than 15 years since you left Nokturnal Mortum. How do you recall those days now, when all this time has passed?

In Nokturnal Mortum I’ve been playing for 12 years. I left it only 10 years ago. You mixed up something. Sure, I recollect those days with thrill of joy. It was my youth, full of aggression, freedom and permissiveness. We trained a lot and had lots of concerts. We visited lots of countries and cities. When I start telling some stories from that previous life, people say that I had so many interesting things during such a short period of time that some people don’t manage to have all of them during the whole lifetime. Sometimes we go out with Warggoth and other team members and speak about the past.

7) Which three things did fascinate or surprise you positively in last couple of months?

  1. The birth of my son Yaromir

  2. Appearance of album

  3. Absence of apocalypse

8) Oppositely, surely there are also three negative things that you rather didn’t live through.

You know, I have nothing to write. I even gave a thought. I even was ready to write down some kind of a trifle, something like “dropping the camera”, but I found nothing negative in my life.

9) Which albums have you bought recently?

Recently I made the work in my own MoonHome studio a business. Every day I spend 10-12 hours in headphones doing tracking, editing, mixing, mastering for different groups. After that I have no desire to go to the shop, to buy CDs and to listen to music. In my free time I try to go out and to listen to silence and birds’ voices.

10) I know, that musicians don’t like to judge the works of other musicians, but surely there are those that you rather recommend to be scrapped.

I practically don’t listen to foreign groups of high quality. Russian and Ukrainian, especially bad ones I don’t listen at all.

11) Three activities you prefer in your life.

  1. Bringing up and educating my son

  2. Being in the wild Nature

  3. Creating music or working with video

12) Reveal some of your bad habits, at least three. So we know that you are mere mortal.

I even don’t know what to say. I don’t smoke and don’t drink. All the time I spend with the family. Even 3 years ago I could tell you a lot about it, but not now.

13) It is said that food is medicine. What is food for you? Which meals do you prefer?

Food is necessity. In this case air is a medicine as well…for asphyxia.Water is a medicine for thirst. For me food is a source of communication as well. My wife cooks really tasty and this is the mechanism that makes our family sound. And I want to go home because I know that there is hot tasty food and also just because there are people who are waiting for me. It is very important to feel that you are a happy person and to live at peace with this World. I like spicy food. I like Slavonic food. I can say even more, my wife and I take a series of videos (video-shows) about it. The first episodes of “Slavonic cuisine” are available at my channel at Youtube.

14) Are live performances better for you from the perspective of spectator or you prefer the ones you perform on?

I am a really solitary person. I can’t stand a crowd. So that’s why each concert for me is a stress. And it doesn’t matter for me where I am: on the stage or just in front of it. Concerts don’t come easily to me at all. And the older I become, the more rarely I try to visit such events. Everything depends on the mood.

15) I thank you for your answers. For my final question, is there something you want to say to your fans in Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Sure I want. First of all I really feel fraternal friendship to your peoples. If I had to leave Ukraine and to go to live somewhere else, I would choose the Czech Republic. I want to wish all the fans of my art to be honest with themselves. Learn to look at the world with the eyes of a child. without estimation, consideration about benefit, harm, kindness and evil. Take it as it is.