Interview for RockTribune (Belgium) 2012


  1. Vladislav, when I first read the latest band biography, I must admit it was quite hard to get the whole picture at first. Actually you already do solowork since 1995 (yet back then under the name Silentium), you meanwhile were part of several bands (amongst which Nokturnal Mortum is probably the most known) and have just released your fifth Munruthel-album. Wasn’t it ever confusing for yourself to know what you were up to?

Sometimes my head was spinning round from the shortage of time for myself. But I never gave up. I have recorded 35 albums with different music bands.  With some of them I played as a session drummer on concerts. I have created my own projects too. In fact, apart from MUNRUTHEL I`ve also created a quite popular world -music project KOLO. In the meantime I have time to do photography and sounddirection. Such is my nature. Now I have little spare time, but I keep on working. On the contrary, I`ve taken up shooting music video which I create for different music bands. In the nearest future I`m planning to make a short movie based on Slavic fantasy with the name Kriksa. I hope in a year there will be free viewing of it on the Internet.


  1. You are still occupied with projects such as Thunderkraft next to Munruthel. Is that because you have a lot to express and need different ‘vehicles’ to do so, as they differ so much?

That is because the author of the project Thunderkraft helps me and has written guitar parts for the album CREEDamage. That is mutual help. We are friends and I call it "musical fraternity" or "musical mafia", if you want. Maybe, therefore, the Kharkov stage is so powerful and interesting. As for self-expression I’m now more interested in symphony or ambient music rather than metal. Therefore I`m already waiting for my own movie in order to make a soundtrack for it.


  1. Munruthel is your pseudonym, but also your project’s name. I suppose it’s an Ukrainian word, so could you perhaps tell me what it means?

No, this isn’t a Ukrainian word. The pseudonym was made up long ago, as early as in 1994. It is very mangled Moon Riser. The Moon is my astrologic planet, therefore many of my tracks are dedicated to it. And my chillout project is called RedMun. I really often feel the influence of the Moon on me. I guess there is no need to say that I can feast my eyes on it for hours. It often becomes a protagonist in my photos and video.


  1. Is there a direct connection between the name and the philosophy of Munruthel? What drives you? It seems as if you’re very occupied with the pagan past of your country, as well as with the numerous wars which scorched earth and people?

I`ve partly answered this question already. A part of the Moon is in my pseudonym. The Moon influences me which means there is connection. I try to spend all my spare time far from the megalopolis I live in, to spend it close to lakes and rivers, in cool breathing of forests and steppes. Here is my real source of inspiration. It is the motivation for my ideology and for my lyrics. The fate of humanity doesn’t interest me much. But the fate of the Life cradle does very! I find the pre-Christian history of my motherland really interesting, when agrarian aspects, way of life, religion and the Nature were inseparable. After chrisianization of the Russ everything has changed. A christian doctrine preaches only about the soul of a man making us forget about souls of other creatures existing next to a man, that life of a man as a biological species directly depends on! It calls the body of a man only "a sin container", it leads its "faithful congregation" away from reality and makes it take no notice of the surrounding Nature. Christianity compels us to turn away from veritable Mother-Progenitress of Life! I know much about it. Once I even started a book. But I didn`t have enough time to finish it.

The wars that burned my people and my land were not so frightful as wars that take place without a single shot! It is genocide against my people, who American democracy is imposed on, which compels us to forget about who we are, who our ancestors were and what we really need. And world religions only help it.


  1. You recently released your fifth album, ‘CREEDamage’. Itsoundsquite different from your former albums, even though there is a clear link. There’s way less ambient parts than before and in some ways, the songs often sound more ‘uplifting’ and less angry, even though they can still be grim at times. Wasthatmeanttobethatway?

I was working on this album for long 4 years without any help. I listened to every note, every chord minimum 1000 times. Therefore style, sound and lyrics are not accidental. Everything is planned. The songs sound less dark because I do not have any limits and standards. I do not have the idea: "I will not include it in the album because it is pop music or it doesn’t sound infernal enough ". When I work on creation of music I do not think as a musician. I think as an artist or stage-director of a movie. And if a certain “stage” can be expressed only with calm and kind music I will have it just like this. And I don’t care what critics will say about it then! In my album beautiful places usually describe the beauty of Nature. And the aggressive ones are directed against those who kill it. Therefore there is such contrast in the tracks.


  1. Ofcourseitsnotunusualthatthisalbumsoundsdifferent, forithadbeensevenyearsagosincethelasttime you wrote a new album for Munruthel. Was this gap mainly due to all other band activities or did you temporarily leave the scene for personal reasons?

The new album sounds different because I`ve always been a sound engineer of my music. I`ve simply learned to make sound better. I`ve got good studio equipment now, the musicians invited are more professional, more professional are the instruments tracking was performed with. Such a long pause was due to my total busyness with other projects. The work on my album itself took 4 years. Do not forget that in the meantime I was composing music for the computer game and published it on СDs. And this sound track is yet another album of MUNRUTHEL.


  1. You had quite a few people putting out a helping hand on this album, with Wulfstan (Forefather), Masha (Arkona) and Master Alafern (Quintessence Mystica) as some of the most known guests. Did you approach these people with a specific part in mind or did these contacts grow through the years?

Many people were involved in the record of the album. I know Masha and Master Alafern personally, we are old friends. They agreed to help me straight away. Sure, I prepared parts for them, but professionalism of these musicians is so high that they performed them a bit their own way, certainly even better than I had imagined. The album would not be so powerful and beautiful, if it were not for the energy that was input in my music by all the participants of the record. Enormous respect and gratitude to them! I found Wulfstan via social network. This is the case when network did not take away precious time but, vice versa, accelerated the process of communication and work. His wonderful voice was marked by many musical critics. He really breathed in life in this great musical Saga about the lake.

  1. One more thing: what are the future ambitions for Munruthel? Will you bring new work to us within less than seven years? And is there any chance we can ever see Munruthel live, or do you prefer keeping it a studio project?

It is a question of time. I`ve already said that in my nearest plans there is work on a game movie. I am a stage-director, operator, editor, sound engineer and a composer of the movie. It is work with actors, work with light, writing music. I do not know how much energy and time it will take me. But I guess that a lot. Therefore I will not dare come up with deadlines. I already have some sketches for my new album. There is even a working name for it " Earth Honey". It appears to be yet more symphonic and epic. But I am not going to get down to working with the album seriously until I have finished the film.

As for concerts of MUNRUTHEL... I often think about this. I can not decide myself if I need those. It is more pleasant for me to spend a day and night in silence of a forest rather than go crazy with endless tour journeys in a bus, arrive in cities and appear in crowds of drunken noisy young people. I don`t feel comfortable in crowds. I want to escape immediately. Sometimes vice versa, I want to highlight everyone with a mouse cursor and press " delete". Ha - ha - h!