This trip was inspired by the Might Of Eternal Endless Universe and Our Great Ancestors which could make these space travels really...


SAMMOHANA is not a games with modern fashionable east doctrines in a view of ecumenism and assimilations of all and all. SAMMOHANA there is a research of the distant closed corners of subconsciousness and a reconstruction of the lost parts of a circuit by means of studying Archetypes of Patrimonial Cultures on the basis of  principles of syncretism. SAMMOHANA is Destruction of the perverted philosophical categories and Revival of the Knowledge destroyed by grey race of newcomers. SAMMOHANA is a steps of the Wolf requiring the Salt of the Cognition in a belly of hidden Caves, it is the Way Home through the Cemeteries of Stars, slow run of fingers on Star Strings, traces in the Dust of the Sun leading in an eternal Distance.

                                                                                                                                                     Sergey "AR" Pavlov